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Final-year Animal Science student at the College of Agriculture, Science and Education (CASE), Godfrey Levy, takes a selfie with a Black poll Bull at the Hague Agricultural and Industrial Show in Trelawny on February 14. Photo via: JIS.

The young farmers made impressed Agriculture Minister Karl Samuda at last Wednesday’s Hague Show held at the Hague Showground here in Trelawny.

From the JIS:

Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Hon. Karl Samuda, has expressed delight at the large number of young persons, particularly female farmers, who were directly involved in the 63rd Hague Agricultural and Industrial Show in Trelawny, on February 14.

“I am so happy to see so many young people. When you look out there, you see an army of young people in the effort at building agriculture, which is the most solid pillar on which the economy must be based if we are to be developed,” Mr. Samuda said at the opening ceremony of the event.

Mr. Samuda said he was highly encouraged by the female farmers and manufacturers who showcased at the event, which is staged annually by the Trelawny Association of Branch Societies of the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS).

“I want to encourage the women. I am impressed by persons who have demonstrated the level of commitment that assures a bright future in agriculture,” he said.

The Minister encouraged the farmers to improve the level of productivity in the field, “so that when you bring your crops to be sold, it is the envy not only of the country but of the world where you export,” the Minister said.

Following the Minister’s presentation, JIS News spoke to 23-year-old Godfrey Levy, a farmer and final-year Animal Science student at the College of Agriculture, Science and Education (CASE), and his college mate, Sonique Bennett, who were among the youth participants at the event.

Mr. Levy said he was in attendance at the show to provide support in its execution, including showcasing and tending to cattle which were involved in the livestock competitions. He said agriculture is a passion of his from childhood days, as his father is deeply involved in agriculture.

“I was exposed at a very young age. Today at Hague, it is a very exciting event because we are exposed to different livestock, different technologies and different companies that are helping the agricultural sector,” Mr. Levy, a former Herbert Morrison Technical High School student, said.

For her part, Miss Bennett, a past student of the Anchovy High School, said agriculture has been a passion of hers since her early years growing up in Somerton, St. James. She has plans to become a veterinarian and to specialise in the production of the resilient native Jamaican goats.

“I am planning to restart my goat herd. My goats are the native breed of goats. I like my native goats because they are sturdier,” she said.

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