deeside shooting

Photo via Loop Jamaica

No sooner had Trelawny been declared the second safest parish than the guys decided to mar the figures. First, there was a murder in Davis Pen in the north western section of the parish. Now, this time it is Deeside in West Central Trelawny.

From Loop:

An enraged gunman, who chased a woman on to a premises at Blood Lane in Deeside, Trelawny on Monday, before shooting her to death and injuring another female and a man, is now on the run.

The dead woman has been identified as Natalie Brooks.

Police report that the gunman chased Brooks on to the premises where he was confronted by a man who asked him about his trespassing on private property. The gunman was in no mood for conversation and began shooting.

Brooks was shot dead, while the man and another female were shot and injured.

The shooter then fled.


Curated from: Loop Jamaica

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