Knibb DaCosta Cup Presentation 2015-4

A month ago, we published an article about the difficult season ahead (financially) for the William Knibb DaCosta Cup team. A few past students of William Knibb Memorial High came together, and that was enough to purchase 22 pairs of football boots for this season’s DaCosta Cup competition.

The group that made the presentation at the school, was comprised of former William Knibb Dacosta Cup stand-outs as well as other old students. The contributors include Chiwale DaSilva,  Garnett ‘Codfish’ Denton, Orville Webb, Stephon ‘Bydoo’ Brown, Karl ‘Skinno’ Greenland, Vincent Grant, Wendell White & Kevin ‘Keegan’ Simpson.

They are emphasizing that the job is not yet done as it would be good to help the younger players (Under 14 and Under 16), which are the feeders for the DaCosta Cup team.

The team will be coached for the first time this year, by Leacraft Letman, former Cornwall College DaCosta Cup and Seba United player. The William Knibb team made it to the final once in 2002, under the direction of former coach Paul ‘Tegat’ Davis, himself a former Seba United player. Unfortunately, they suffered a 1-0 defeat to perennial champions, Ruseas High School.

We wish them all the best in this year’s competition. Here are more pics from the presentation:


Knibb DaCosta Cup Presentation 2015
Vice Principal Thompson (left) on hand for the presentation of gears to the William Knibb Memorial High DaCosta Cup team


Knibb DaCosta Cup Presentation 2015-2
Former William Knibb players: Codfish, Chiwale, Taxer, Bydoo, and Julian


Knibb DaCosta Cup Presentation 2015-coachletman-codfish
William Knibb’s new coach Leacraft Letman (left) and former player, Garnet ‘Codfish’ Denton


Knibb DaCosta Cup Presentation 2015-codfish-coastline
‘Coastline’ Foote, coach of the 1986 William Knibb team (left) with Denton


Knibb DaCosta Cup Presentation 2015-codfish-robert
Denton and former William Knibb player, Robert.


Knibb DaCosta Cup Presentation 2015-autographed
Signed by former players



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