William Knibb (in green) vs Muschette in DaCosta Cup 2012

William Knibb DaCosta Cup Season In Doubt

It is July, and it means it is time for DaCosta Cup camp at William Knibb Memorial High, but there is just one drawback. The school is struggling to finance the DaCosta Cup team and other sports programs this year. The DaCosta Cup camp is scheduled to begin next week.


With a budget of $1.6 million, it is too much for the school to bear without outside assistance. For the DaCosta Cup programme, the school needs a nutrition programme and a camp to get the team in shape for the competition, which starts in September.


Apart from those, the most important element is a coach, which has to be level 1 certified. Last year, the coach was the popular Paul “Tegat” Davis. This year, it will (hopefully) be Gregory Palmer.


For gears, there is some relief, as ISSA will provide jerseys and shorts, while one set of boots will be donated by two former DaCosta Cup representatives who live in the USA. Those are 13 studs. The team will still need at least six 6-studs for rainy games. The DaCosta Cup is held through October, which is the rainiest month of the year.

Last season, the team did well and placed second in the zone and dropped out in the second round.


Falmouth News is appealing to all past students and well wishers to contribute to this year’s campaign to make sure the William Knibb tradition in the DaCosta Cup continues.

You may contribute to the Sports Council Account at:

BNS (Scotiabank): Account Name: Sports Council
Account Number: 20117

Email: wilkaknibb@yahoo.com.


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