Akeem Belford (captain) accepts some of the gear on behalf of the William Knibb memorial High School team from old student Garnet Denton.
Akeem Belford (captain) accepts some of the gear on behalf of the William Knibb Memorial High School team from past student, Garnet Denton.

4 Trelawny Teams to Contest Zone C DaCosta Cup

This year’s DaCosta Cup competition will be an interesting one in Trelawny parish as for the first time, 4 teams from this parish will battle in the same zone. This means that on any given match day, there will be at least one Trelawny derby.

Zone C will see Cedric Titus, Holland High, Muschett High and William Knibb Memorial High from Trelawny joined by Spot Valley High and Herbert Morrison Technical from St James.

Cedric Titus traditionally played in the former Zone D (now Zone I) along with teams from St Ann including Marcus Garvey Technical, Ocho Rios High and Brown’s Town High. They are consistent qualifiers to the second round.

William Knibb was recently boosted by donation of gear from its old students. They were also featured on Centre Circle. The Martha Brae based team will seek to return to the second round. They failed to make it last year.

The competition kicks off for Zone C on September 10, 2016, with Cedric Titus hostng Holland, Spot Valley at home to Herbert Morrison and William Knibb tackling Muschett.

St Elizabeth Technical High School (STETHS) are the defending champions. Here are the zones:


Zone A – Anchovy High; Cornwall College; GreenPond High; Irwin High, and St James High.

Zone B – Frome Technical; Knockalva; Green Island High; Merlene Ottey High, and Ruseas High.

Zone C – Cedric Titus High; Herbert Morrison Technical; Holland High; Muschett High; Spot Valley, and William Knibb Memorial High.

Zone D – Godfrey Stewart High; Grange Hill High; Little London High; Manning’s High; Maud McLeod High, and Petersfield High.

Zone E – Black River High; Lacovia High; Maggoty High; Munro College; Newell High, and STETHS.

Zone F – B B Coke High; Cross Keys High; DeCarteret College; Manchester High; Mile Gully High, and Belair High.

Zone G – May Day; Christiana High; Holmwood Technical; Alston High, and Spalding High.

Zone H – Knox College; Clarendon College; Claude McKay High; Edwin Allen High; Lennon High, and Thompson Pen High.

Zone I – Aabuthnott Gallimore High; Brown’s Town High; Marcus Garvey High; Ocho Rios High; Steer Town High, and York Castle High.

Zone J – Brimmervale High; Guys Hill High; Horace Clarke High; St Mary High; St Mary Technical, and Tacky.

Zone K – Bog Walk High; Charlemont High; Dinthill Technical; Ewarton High; Glengoffe High, and McGrath High.

Zone L – Annotto Bay High; Fair Prospect High; Happy Grove High; Iona High; Port Antonio High, and Titchfield High.

Zone M – Denbigh High; Foga Road High; Garvey Maceo High; Glenmuir High; Porus High, and Winston Jones High.

Zone N – Central High; Kemps Hill High; Old Harbour High; Tacius Golding High; Vere Technical, and Bustamante High.

Zone O – Morant Bay High; Paul Bogle High; Robert Lightbourne; Seaforth High, and St. Thomas Tech, and Yallahs High.


Zone C DaCosta Cup Fixtures 2016

DaCosta Cup Zone C Fixtures 2016


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