Damion Crawford.

North Trelawny Challenge Against Atkinson

In our last post regarding the situation in North Trelawny, we looked at how one faction in the PNP was seeking to reject Patrick Atkinson while another was saying “no Atkinson, no vote.”

Mr Atkinson is the current Member of Parliament who some claims has been an invisible MP. Still others are satisfied with his tenure, saying he has done nothing that the other MP’s before him have not done.

An early attack on Atkinson’s stewardship was put to rest, until it was claimed by insiders that the party did its internal polling and found that the upcoming candidacy of Atkinson might not be a good idea.

North Trelawny PNP Safe Seat?

Atkinson beat Dennis Meadows of the JLP by over 2000 votes in the last election, in a constituency considered to be a ‘safe PNP seat.’ However, that margin is not considered ‘safe’ by those wishing to get rid of Atkinson. They say since the last election in 2011, thousands of persons have come to live in the constituency in the housing estates. These include Florence Hall, Stonebrook, Stonebrook Vista and Holland Estate. It is not known whom they will vote for, or whether they have transferred their votes to the constituency. It is this unpredictable number that have them uneasy and want to place a new candidate that can create some traction for the PNP.

Damion Crawford for North Trelawny?

In the last post on the matter, I ended by saying the following: “The North Trelawny tussle may just get even more interesting. A name that came to national attention quite recently, is being rumored as the possible choice of the party for North Trelawny.” That is where we will pick up this article.

That person that I spoke about was Damion Crawford. Take a look at the following article in the Jamaica Observer that examines this possibility.


From The Jamaica Observer

TWO weeks after St Andrew East Rural delegates rejected incumbent Member of Parliament Damion Crawford as the People’s National Party (PNP) candidate for the pending general elections, the party is said to have offered to keep the young politician as its standard-bearer for that constituency.

However, a source close to the discussions told the Jamaica Observer that Crawford rejected the offer — which was made last week during a three-day party retreat at the RIU Hotel in Ocho Rios, St Ann to discuss campaign strategies — and asked for a safe seat.

The Observer was told that the Trelawny North constituency, currently held by fellow Comrade Patrick Atkinson, was offered to Crawford as a compromise and that a final decision would be made subsequently.

The Observer was unable to reach Crawford for a comment yesterday, as calls to his phone went unanswered.

At the same time, there is no official word as to whether the PNP will keep Atkinson, who is the attorney general, in Trelawny North, but his supporters last Wednesday staged a demonstration, claiming that moves were afoot to replace him with aspirant J P White.

During a selection exercise on October 4 to determine who would represent the PNP in the St Andrew East Rural constituency in the pending general election, businessman Peter Blake polled 217 of the delegate votes to Crawford’s 166, defeating the embattled but nationally popular MP.

Yesterday, Blake, who was absent from the three-day retreat, said he was unaware of the discussions surrounding Crawford.

“As far as the seat being offered to Damion Crawford, I know nothing of that,” he said.

At the same time, Blake said his absence from the meeting was no fault of his.

“I was the very last person interviewed, so I would imagine that they would have been unable to put forward the report,” Blake explained. “I was one of quite a few who were not there. So it’s not me alone,” he added.


Curated from The Jamaica Observer


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