Jamari Reid in Falmouth Gardens

56-year old Monique Cooke-Reid of Ontario in Canada has been charged in the death of Jamari Reid, local dancer turned deejay. She has been charged with soliciting to commit murder.

Monique Cooke-Reid is a retired psychologist.

The town of Falmouth is still in shock at the death of Monique’s 25-year old husband, who was killed on Wednesday night, August 24. He and two other occupants of the house were tied up, but Jamari was the only one killed: shot in the head and chest.

monique cooke-reid

Monique Cooke-Reid (Photo via Jamaica Observer)

Ever since the death of Jamari Reid, word on the streets was that it was a hit and his wife was responsible. They pointed out that she repeatedly threatened him over a house she built before they parted. Unofficial reports are that she was held at the airport earlier last week attempting to leave the island. Rumors were even able to name a figure paid out for the hit. Now the justice system has started the process, we may one day know if the rumors were true.

A charge of soliciting to commit murder means the actual murderer is still at large, so there may still be more arrests and charges in the case.

Jamari, the son of former policeman Fitzroy “Johnny Reid” and Dawn Schurton was well loved in the Falmouth community. He has been making strides in the music business and was recently signed by Alkaline on the recommendation of Mavado in May of this year. The same week in which he was killed, he was working on a video for his new release: My Place.


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