(scroll down for video) Watch A $10,000 Apple Watch Get Demolished By Magnets

Watch A $10,000 Apple Watch Get Demolished By Magnets

Ever wanted to know how well constructed the 18k gold edition of an Apple Watch is to make it worth the steep price point of $10,000? TechRax decides to find out by pushing two huge magnets together and smashing it. Proving that they are really crushing the Apple Watch, the demonstrator flips through the different screens on the front of the watch and closely shows the etchings around the back of the watch. He then describes what they will be crushing the watch with — two neodymium magnets that can produce enough force to “crush bones” — 650 pounds of force will do that!

The watch sits in the middle of two magnets that are pushed together by sticks. The right magnet attracts the left by forcing the left one to spin around and attach onto it. As expected, the watch got obliterated. Find out how badly the watch was damaged once they were able to pry the watch out of the magnets. The result may surprise you!