warren weir

Refuge, Trelawny born Warren Weir got himself in trouble on social media over the weekend. Weir tweeted two messages to his ex-fiancée that included derogatory comments.

Warren was the bronze medallist in the 200 metre event at the 2012 London Olympics, in an historic race in which Jamaica won all three medals. Usain Bolt was first and Yohan Blake was second. In 2013 at the Moscow World Championships, Warren Weir won the silver medal equaling his personal best. He finished behind Usain Bolt who set a World Leading time

At the moment, he seems to have lost quite a few female fans when he reportedly tweeted:

“Tell your fat friend link me for a track shoes and go workout.”

He later added salt to the wound by tweeting:

“Lol at you talking like you wasn’t my lil doggie who I told to jump and fetch, don’t act new when you a THOT.”

He was blasted for the comments and he later went back to Twitter to apologize on Sunday:

“The comments I made were completely unacceptable, and I make no excuse for my actions,”  Weir said. He added: “I unreservedly apologise for my momentary indescretion, which we as human often make. My focus has always been on representing my country  to the best of my abilities and I will continue to do so.”

Let’s hope that Warren is genuinely sorry and that he has learnt enough from this incident to ensure he never makes the same mistake.


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