Probably the oldest and most famous restaurant in Falmouth has been destroyed by fire.

Fire began at HoSang’s Restaurant, around 5 am and a unit from the nearby Falmouth Fire Station battled the early blaze.


However, they had to send for another unit from St James and they battled the blaze for over two hours.

In the end, the Market Street building was destroyed, but not before reaching the adjacent building to its left.


The flames leaped over to the old shingle roofed building next door and destroyed the upper floor.


The fire threatened to destroy other buildings, including the landmark Chin’s Bakery. According to an onlooker, “it is a good thing the breeze was not blowing, or the rest of the buildings would have been destroyed.


HoSang’s Restaurant is operated by brothers Chris and Brandi’s HoSang. The restaurant was started in the 1970’s by their mother and father. Their father passed on several years ago and their mother was laid to rest on April 10 this year.

Chris and Brandis HoSang
Brandis (left) and the elder Chris HoSang in the restaurant a few years ago (File photo).

The restaurant was known for its late opening hours, when all others were long closed.


It is not known what caused the fire, or the value of the losses. Now it is left to the HoSang brothers to rebuild. All is not lost, as the bottom floor is still standing; hopefully a foundation on which the late night restaurant can be reconstructed.

Losses were also suffered by popular local phone technician, Andrew Melbourne. Andrew operated his business from a booth inside the restaurant.

Falmouth News expresses our sadness at the loss and wish them all the best in recovering from this tragedy.

Here are a couple videos:





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