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Photo: Augustas Didzgalvis

He’s back! It was with relief that Usain Bolt fans watched Heat B of the 100 metres at the Sainsbury Games in London today. Bolt was returning from injury, having pulled out from the Grand Prix in Paris and Lausanne on July 4th and 9th respectively.

He clocked an impressive 9.87 seconds, made even more remarkable by to the fact that he ran in the rain on a rain soaked track, into a – 1.2 m/s headwind, and still did is his b season’s best.

Previously, Bolt’s best time this year was 10.12, and Usain had not run below 9.90 seconds since World Championship 2013. In the first heat, Kemar Bailey-Cole won in 10.02, followed by Nesta Carter in 10.08.

Usain Bolt Sainsbury Games Heat B

In the final, Usain repeated the 9.87 he did in the heats. Bolt got off to a very poor start, joined the other competitors and pulled away in the end.

Fans were worried that Bolt would not be ready for the World Championships. A mouth-watering clash is now developing between Bolt and Justin Gatlin of the US, who has been dominating the event. It was suspected that if Bolt did not find his form, he may not compete in the World Championships.

Usain Bolt is back, and will now concentrate on getting things together to defend his 100 meter and 200 meter titles at the 2015 World Championship in Beijing next month.



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