Cruise Law News sent us this video of the fire on board Freedom of the Seas. This video was shot on deck and shows the fire as well as the time when the alarm was blasted..

Royal Caribbean have trivialized the fire, referring to it as a “small fire.” From Royal Caribbean blog:

“Unfortunately this week’s big news story focuses on a small fire that broke out on Freedom of the Seas near Falmouth, Jamaica.
The fire occured as the ship was pulling into port. The fire looked worse than it really was, as there were no passenger injuries and just one crew member was injured with a first degree burn.”

The fire we saw from shore in Falmouth was no “small fire.” neither is it small from the video below, but what should we expect from Royal Caribbean?

Freedom of the Seas on fire at least 35 minutes before docking. Video credit to Michael Alden

Posted by Cruise Law News on Tuesday, July 28, 2015



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