There is a Facebook video that has gone viral (suspected to be shot in Zion, Martha Brae) and it is angering persons who view it. The video shows a female believed to be of unsound mind, being sexually assaulted by a group of boys. The WEEKEND STAR released this story minutes ago:

André Williams, STAR Writer

The Trelawny police say they are unaware of a disturbing video which persons say was captured in the parish, where a female believed to be of unsound mind was sexually assaulted by a group of boys in bushes.

According to the police, who viewed the video after it was sent by our news team, an investigation would be launched into the matter.

The two minutes and 12 seconds amateur footage has been making the rounds on social media with many persons angered by the inhumane treatment being meted out to the seemingly helpless female victim who appears to be a teenager.

THE WEEKEND STAR understands that the young woman may be of unsound mind and though unconfirmed, many viewers have said the incident took place in Zion, Falmouth.

During the onslaught, the group of about seven boys took turns assaulting the half-naked girl who was placed on newspaper to lie on her back in the bushes.

One of the boys tried to have the girl perform oral sex while different cell phones were being used to capture the action.

When that did not work, they opted to have her spread her legs.

At this time, they stood over her, one using his foot to insert into her vagina.

She screamed, “Unuh bill nuh.”

There were those who appeared to be standing around, eating mangoes as they made jokes relating to one among them having erection issues.

A dog was even seen in the video watching the proceedings.

Just before the end of the footage, a male who was seemingly displeased with the lack of endorsement from the victim, urinated on the unsuspecting girl before walking away.

When contacted, Superintendent Wilfred Campbell, head of the Trelawny Police Division, said he was unaware of the footage, and requested that a copy be sent to him for observation.

After examining the footage, he said, “One, we have to look carefully to discover if the video is real. Secondly, we would try to identify the girl and the identity of any of the guys in the video.

I’ll have my intelligence look at it and see if we can uncover anything.”


Source: The STAR


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