The body of a Jackson Town woman was found in the area today after heavy rains pummeled Trelawny from yesterday into today.

She is Elizabeth Thompson, popularly known as “Tully.”, She was approximately 60 years old, and a well known person who is said to frequent the Jackson Town square.

The Stewart Town police report that at about 2 p.m., Thompson allegedly tried to cross a body of water along the Barnstaple main road.

Residents said that she misjudged the depth of the water and didn’t realize how close she was to a gully.

Residents said she fell into the gully, got into difficulties and subsequently drowned.

Rains lashed Trelawny parish causing flooding in several flood prone areas. Two donkeys were also drawn from the pond before her body was recovered.

The video below was recorded live on Facebook about an hour before this post was written.

More Trelawny flooding in pictures and video.



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