Victor Wright2

A meeting has just ended at the PNP headquarters between the PNP leadership and the North Trelawny PNP executive. News from sources inside the PNP is that JP White is out.

White has been battling strong opposition from a group of North Trelawny PNP members, opposed to his candidacy. These delegates had threatened to boycott the election if White remained as candidate. To make matters worse,  just a few days ago, it has surfaced that a company owned by White was in delinquency in an amount exceeding $17,000. This has caused credibility concerns and White’s opposition has stepped up their vigilance.

The choice for his replacement boiled down to a choice between Falmouth’s Mayor, Garth Wilkinson and Victor Wright, Assistant Campaign Manager for White.

News coming out the PNP camp is that Victor Wright has been chosen over Wilkinson.

Now, it is left to be seen how the workers and voters will embrace the relatively unknown Wright, given the short period of time left before the General Elections. Nomination Day is February 9 and Election Day is February 25th.

Early indications are that the comrades are fired up and ready to work with Wright. Although White was a member of White’s camp, the anti-White faction is so happy to get rid of him, they are in a celebratory mood. It is Wright vs Meadows for North Trelawny.



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