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Hurricane Matthew has started to move northward (north north westerly to be exact). This, after the powerful hurricane sat stationary in the Caribbean Sea late Saturday evening.

The hurricane had earlier made its predicted northerly turn more easterly than earlier predicted. That turn, and its current path, puts it further to the east of Jamaica than previous models.

This means slight relief for Jamaica, but problems for western Haiti, eastern Cuba and The Bahamas.

If Matthew stays on its current path, Jamaica is not out of the woods, as tropical storm force winds extend up to 335 km or 205 miles. This could still pose significant damage to the island, especially to the east coast.

Check out the 7-day forecast video.

According to the meteorological office of Jamaica, sustained winds remain near 240 km/h (150 mph), with higher gusts. This is a category 4 storm. Matthew attained the rare category 5 status on Thursday, which was the first category 5 system since Felix in 2007.

Keep track of Matthew by visiting our storm tracker.

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