Ricky shot and killed in Clark's TownUnidentified Body Of Man Found Along Roadway In Trelawny

The body of a man believed to be of unsound mind was found along the roadway with a bullet wound to the head.

He was found by residents on the side of the roadway at Greenside, near Salt Marsh at approximately 7:00 am on November 6.

Residents have identified him as being of unsound mind who walked aimlessly along the roadway.

From The Gleaner:

Trelawny has recorded its 24th killing since the start of year following the death of a man believed to be of unsound mind.

He has not yet been identified.

The body was found by police about 6 a.m. along the roadway in Salt Marsh with a bullet to the head.

The police believe the man may have been killed elsewhere and his body dumped at the site.

The Trelawny police are investigating.

Second Man of Unsound Mind Killed on Sunday

On Sunday night, a second man of unsound mind was killed, shot in the chest on Newton Street.


  1. Is it just me or is it a weird coincidence that two men of unsound mind was killed within a day of each other? I know they are mad men but is it possible there is some sort of serial killer out there. So if there is a serial killer killing mad men, what happen when he/she runs out of mad men to kill? food for thought


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