yam farming in south trelawny
Yam farming in South Trelawny

The Yam capital of Jamaica

South Trelawny (or Upper Trelawny) is the yam capital of Jamaica. We produce more yam than any other parish, thanks to our fellow Trelawnyites in the Cockpit Country. There is no shortage of yam, so why not use yam in unique ways to create new markets? That is the question the Ulster Spring Women’s Group has answered.

High Unemployment

The area known primarily for agriculture, has one major drawback: high unemployment. As a result of its sparse population and lack of opportunities, residents of Southern Trelawny have a high migratory rate. Locally, many are now living in Falmouth, Montego Bay, Manchester, Kingston or anywhere else there are opportunities. This thrust should keep some residents from leaving.

southern trelawny
Southern Trelawny

Trelawny Yam Festival

The now defunct Annual Trelawny Yam Festival highlighted to the world the many uses of yam. The Ulster Spring Women’s Group is now producing yam products that you will not easily find elsewhere. many were featured at “Yam Festival.”

Unique Yam Based Products

What about yam wine? or yam pizza? They also make yam pudding, yam gizzarda, yam cake among other yam based products. However, the most popular is yam punch (drink), followed by yam pizza.

Check out this week's SEBISundays feature on the Ulster Spring Women's Group of Trelawny.

Posted by JN Foundation on Sunday, June 14, 2015

Contact Ulster Spring Women’s Group

Interested in these or other products or just need more information? You may contact the Ulster Spring Women’s Group by phone: 1 876-468-8809 or email cockpittreats@gmail.com.


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