Two fishermen drowned in Falmouth this morning. Their bodies were found floating in the water, and they were brought in by fishermen from the Falmouth Fishing beach, near Falmouth All-Age (Barracks) School.

One of the men has been identified as Frederick Black, more popularly known by his alias name, “Purpy” (not Pur-pee). He wass Falmouth born. The other is called Kenneth Baker a.k.a. “Warry” who came to Falmouth from Hanover in the 1990’s. He was residing in Hague Settlement. Both men have been fishermen for many years.

The bodies of the two fishermen are covered under the blue tarpaulin at centre (below the yellow tape).

A fisherman from nearby Rock District, told Falmouth News that he set out from Rock to fish this morning, and minutes after four, he entered Falmouth Harbour, He saw the lights from the boat bobbing up and down. He decided that the bad weather was too much of a risk, and turned back home.

He was surprised to see them now lying on the shore. It seems they decided to brave the choppy waters, to their downfall.

Our condolences go out to their families.



  1. While there last week all the strong wind and rough seas many did not go out. As experienced fishermen they should know that it wasn’t safe. I guess the bills force men to take risks. So sad, my condolences


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