Erick “Rick” Bowman from Twizzler Hut

Twizzler Hut suffering from Falmouth’s garbage

The management of Twizzler Hut is facing a huge garbage problem. No it’s not the regular complaint of non collection by the authorities. This problem is a civic one.

The environs of the ice cream parlour/fast food store has become a dumping ground for businesses around the area.


Surrounding businesses guilty?

According to manager Erick Bowman, surrounding businesses dump garbage at a spot just outside the walls of his shop. Over time, the area has reached the point where it disseminates a foul odour, whether garbage is there or not.

Indeed, when Falmouth News visited the area, it was clear of garbage, yet the spot was dark and dirty with a high odour reminiscent of a garbage dump.

Bowman says he has spoken with surrounding businesses, including a popular local restaurant. He says some of these businesses no longer dump it directly, but employ people who dump it there.

This garbage includes meat, rice and other types of food. Bowman said it is common to see maggots coming from the garbage.

He has had to spend much of his time policing the area, even on his property. According to him, they watch him and as soon as he drives away, they dump their waste there.

Garbage being foraged on Twizzler Hut property


To make matters worse Twizzler Hut has sought to place it’s own garbage safely away at the front left side of its property. Persons are climbing the protective barrier, foraging for ‘dog food.’ Each morning, garbage can be seen scattered at the front of the fast food store by persons content only to search and scatter. Cleaning up the litter in front of the fast food store has become a regular, unpleasant, added chore.



Twizzler Hut is appealing to businesses and individuals to desist from dumping garbage at the front of its store and not to disturb the garbage on its property.

In the meantime, Erick Bowman fears that if the situation is not brought under control, the garbage situation may just affect his sales. Foul smell and garbage pileup outside a fast food store could deter patrons from entering the establishment.


Authorities without ‘teeth’

He opines that the authorities (Parish Council) have no ‘teeth’ where litter is concerned. Therefore people feel free to litter at their own leisure.

Falmouth stinks

We often hear that Falmouth is stink and dirty. Just maybe, the Twizzler Hut problem is one that is replicated all over the town. There needs to be clearly designated dump sites where garbage is picked up regularly, so persons do not resort to dumping their refuse outside business places.

twizzler-hut-garbage-problem spot
On the right (close to the woman), we see a dark spot left after garbage collection. A pungent odour is left that lingers in the air on Duke Street.

In addition, the authorities need to start seriously ticketing people for littering offences. The law is there, they used to do it, why did they stop? This could provide significant income to the Trelawny Parish Council and help curb the culture of public littering in the town of Falmouth. If all did what they can do, we could clean up our town.


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