drought june 2015
Jamaican drought in June 2015


Trelawny is the ‘yam capital’ of Jamaica. we produce more yams than any other parish and the name Trelawny has become synonymous with yams in Jamaica. They (Trelawny yams) became world famous in 2008 after the exploits of Usain Bolt and the other Trelawny born athletes. The yam was said to be their secrets of success.

The island is going through one of its worst ever droughts. Fortunately, so far, the drought has had little impact on Trelawny yam production. Yam is a 9-month crop and this has helped it survive the effects of the drought.

Speaking at the recently concluded Denbigh Agricultural Show in Clarendon, where Trelawny displayed a good quantity of their yams, agricultural manager for Trelawny, Melvin Green said: “We were affected like any other parish, but yam is really a nine-month crop. Once it gets enough rainfall and nutrients in the early stages, then it will survive; it doesn’t need as much water in the last trimester. So with the extreme drought in the last few months, the yam was already mature. And the fact that it is a tuber makes it less susceptible to the harsh conditions.”

The Denbigh show itself was a success. “This year we have the largest amount of cattle we have ever had, and the largest amount of small ruminants,” said Jamaica Agricultural Society President Senator Norman Grant. “We also have the largest number of exhibitors (250. We have invested $65 million in the event, and it is expected to yield a billion dollars.”

The agricultural industry as a whole, seems to be doing well regardless of the terrible drought.



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