A constable attached to the Trelawny police has been sentenced to 2 years hard labour for accepting a $20,000 bribe.

The incident occurred way back in 2011, but a slow justice system could only pass sentence in the Resident Magistrates Court on Friday, December 2.trelawny-policeman-sent-to-prison-for-bribery

Curated from Loop Jamaica:

A police constable is today stuck with a criminal record and is now without a job, all over a $20,000 bribe.

Constable Wayne Campbell, who was attached to the Trelawny Police Division, was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment at hard labour when he appeared in the Trelawny Parish Court on Friday, December 2.

Campbell was convicted for breaching the Corruption Prevention Act.

The constable had reportedly solicited a bribe from a motorist in 2011, while he was part of a team conducting mobile patrol duties along the Granville main road in Trelawny.

They had stopped and searched a blue Honda Civic motor car with three men abroad and found a large sum of money and a quantity of ganja.

Campbell reportedly solicited and accepted a sum of $20,000 from the motorist in order not to prosecute him for breaches of the Road Traffic Act and the Dangerous Drug Act.

A member of the patrol team subsequently reported the matter to the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s Anti-Corruption Branch, resulting in Campbell being arrested and charged in May 2011.

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