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Falmouth Night League kicks of Wednesday, July 15, 2015.

With the Trelawny Division One and Major League Finals just concluded, football fans do not have long to wait for more entertainment. The Trelawny Night League starts on Wednesday, with the opening ceremony set for 6 pm at the Elleston Wakeland Centre. Matches will follow.

The 7-a-side “corner” league is jointly sponsored by Member of Parliament for Northern Trelawny, Patrick Atkinson, as well as Mayor of Falmouth, Garth Wilkinson.

In its inaugural season last year, packed stands witnessed an entertaining league that was won by Grass Piece, who defeated Market Street in the final.

The determination of organisers Deveron Clarke and Abbibie Brown carried the league through to the end. They were beset with problems such as lighting and teams turning up late for matches. Let’s hope that the sponsors will at least ensure that the lighting problems are solved. The competition committee must also punish the teams for turning up late this year.

The league combines known footballers with retired players as well as unknown players, which add to its unpredictability and entertainment value. Last year, there were teams from communities across Falmouth, but teams are not restricted to the Falmouth area, as last year, I remember teams from Daniel Town and Duanvale. Teams from last year also included Race Course, Fourteen, and Orion Supermarket.

Last year, there were 24 teams in the competition. This year, it will be extended to a limit of 32 teams. Entry fee is $7000.

Cash prizes are as follows:

  1. First place wins $120,000
  2. Second place wins $50,000
  3. 3rd place wins $20,000
  4. 4th place wins $10,000

If you want some entertaining evening entertainment, check out the Trelawny Night League, starting on Wednesday.


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