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Trelawny girl Honi-B returns home

Two days ago, we ran a story that SunCity Radio will be expanding into Trelawny as part of its foray into the entire county of Cornwall. With this expansion, the Portmore based radio will bring with it the voice of a Trelawny born and raised disk jockey.

Honica Brown Miss Trelawny William Knibb
Photo via Facebook

Former Miss Trelawny

Honi-B, as she is called, was Miss Trelawny 2015. She is from Perth Town in the parish, and attended William Knibb Memorial High. Her given name is Honica Brown.

Honica was formerly employed as an Entertainment Coordinator at the now defunct Breezes Trelawny Family Resort and Spa. This experience laid the foundation for her skills with the microphone.

Honi-B will be coming home to Trelawny (her voice at least), when SunCity Radio officially begins broadcasting in Trelawny.


From SunCity Radio:

Born Honica Brown in Sherwood Content, Trelawny, Honi-B is currently pursuing her master’s degree while fulfilling tutoring duties for the Department of Language, Linguistics and Philosophy at UWI. She was employed as an Entertainment Coordinator at Breezes Trelawny Family Resort and Spa.

This was a turning point in her life. The experience helped to develop her confidence and harnessed her microphone voice, a skill she would find much use for. She joined the SunCity Radio family as a presenter and aspiring DJ.

She is the host of the feature “What’s Scorching” aired Saturdays @ 2pm. She is the female in the “Love Hive” on Lovers Thursdays alongside SJ Gary Freestyle from 10am to 2pm. Otherwise Honi-B conducts interviews and any outside broadcasts.




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