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Westwood High School

Westwood High School Ranked #4

Westwood High School, which was in the news today due to a section of their school being burnt down last night, is now the 4th ranked school in academics in Jamaica. This is according to the latest EducateJamaica.org ranking.

Educate Jamaica puts out a ranking each year based on what percentage of students high schools are turning out at the end of grade 11, with a minimum of 5 CSEC subjects (including Mathematics and/or English).

Westwood moved up from 7th place last year to rise 3 places, taking them into the top 5. In 2015, they were #6. In so doing, the jumped past Wolmer’s Girls (fell from 4th to 7th), St Hilda’s High (fell from 5th to 8th) and Hampton School (rose from 6th to 5th).

Westwood is one of 7 all-girls schools in the Top 10. The top-ranked all-boys school is Wolmer’s Boys, ranked at 10.

Campion College

The big number one is the co-educational school, Campion College from St Andrew. They switched places with another St Andrew school, number 2, Immaculate Conception High, which was number one last year. Immaculate remains the top ranked all-girls school.

Western Jamaica

Here in western Jamaica, we have 4 schools in the top 10: #3 Montego Bay High School for Girls (St James), #4 Westwood High, #5 Hampton High (St Elizabeth) and #9 Mannings High (Westmoreland).

Belmont Academy Star Performer

The big story out west is the performance of Belmont Academy in Westmoreland. In 2012, only 14.8 percent of the students were leaving the institution with five or more CSEC subjects. This year, it is 93%! Many people still have not heard about this relatively new institution.

The school was established in 2009 as the first under the Government’s Centre of Excellence programme. It started with close to 50 percent of students reading below expected levels.

Holland High is Trelawny’s Star Performer

The big news for Trelawny however, is the performance of Holland High School located in Zion, Martha Brae. They have been steadily making strides over the years, and this year, they jumped 11 places, from 43 to 32.

Holland High School students, Principal (2nd left) and Teachers. Photo via The JIS

Holland has now stamped their class and far surpasses neighbours William Knibb, which is not even on the list of top 46 schools. In Trelawny, Holland, a co-educational institution, is now the second-ranked high school that accepts female students (behind Westwood) and the top ranked boy’s school. We do not have access to statistics to show the performance of either boys or girls in this parish.

Top 46

Here is the list of top 46 Ivy League Rankings, followed by the All-girls school ranking, then the All-boys school ranking.

Top 46 Ivy League CSEC passes 2017

Top All-girls Schools

All Girls Ranking 2017

All-Boys Ranking

All boys ranking

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  1. I am very surprise by William Knibb Memorial High School performance because, in my days the Competition was always among Westwood High School and William Knibb Memorial High School. Nobody recognize Holland High, nor either Muchette High not to mention Troy, Albert Town High or Cedric Titus High

  2. Even while these schools produce exam passing students are they producing wholesome individuals ready to live in the normal world?


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