Usain Bolt Wins 9.79 100m Final IAAF World ChampTop 21 Comments

After Usain Bolt’s victory in the 100 metres at the World Championships in Beijing 2015, we compiled a list of the Top 21 Comments. These are statements from celebrities and well known persons that reflect what the world was thinking about the race.

Usain has saved the Sport

The tweets show that there was much more at stake than just the 100 metres crown. Many persons expressed relief as they saw Usain’s victory as good over evil; a clean athlete winning over a drug cheat. Usain’s victory was viewed as the saving of the sport of athletics.

It is ironic that several persons, foremost of which was American Carl Lewis, have implied that Bolt must be taking something to be performing this well. Many years, and many drug tests later, Bolt has still been shown to be clean. Now he is seen as the answer to destroy the smear that Carl’s fellow countryman Justin Gatlin could have placed over the sport, had he won. Gatlin has been twice banned for drug cheating.


Top 21 Tweets

Let’s take a look at the Top 25 Comments on Usain Bolt’s World Championships 100 metres victory:

  We have saved the best for last. Now that we have heard from spectators all over the world, let’s hear from Justin Gatlin himself:


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