Wednesday, January 27, 2021

This Is What You Can Do With The New MacBook Pro Touch Bar

The brand new Macbook Pro is significant in many ways. The latest Apple laptop is the biggest update to the line in the last four years. The latest Macbook Pro is super thin, lightweight, and flaunts a huge trackpad. But the flashiest update to the product is the new Touch Bar.


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Touch Bar replaces the function keys of the MacBook Pro. The retina touchscreen strip can dynamically change according to the apps being used. Mostly, the touch bars in the laptops are used for volume and brightness control. However, the Apple Touch Bar takes the idea up a notch. Here’s all you can do with your Macbook Pro Touch Bar.

Touch ID Sensor


Image Source: Apple

The Touch ID Sensor on the extreme right is used for unlocking the Macbook Pro and swapping the users. The feature comes with Apple Pay support.



Switch Between Apps


The Touch Bar allows the users to switch from one app to the other.


Application Specific Use


Image Source: Apple

Touch Bar customises with the app in use.


Image Source: Apple

For instance, while using the Final Cut Pro, you can add effects or edit using the Touch Bar.



Image Source: Apple

Similarly, the Touch Bar displays sliders for brushes and other tools when Photoshop is in use.



Image Source: Apple

Touch Bar allows the users to add effects and preview waveform when DJPro is in use.



Image Source: Apple

Using the Touch Bar with Preview, one can readily swipe images, crop, or even rotate them.



Image Source: Apple

When Mail is in use, the Touch Bar displays the keys for the most commonly used functions like sending emails to the trash or flagging them.



Image Source: Apple

The Touch Bar comes alive with emojis when iMessage is in use.



Image Source: Apple

Touch Bar comes with the predictive text feature and can learn your preference for phrases.



Image Source: Apple

Those who like customised features can edit the Touch Bar to enhance their Macbook Pro experience.



The ones who are not impressed can still get the 13-inches Macbook Pro for $1500 that comes without the Touch Bar.

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