Former PNP Councillor for the Sherwood Content Division, Telka Holt, has refuted claims that her poor performance was what cost her the seat in the recent Local Government Elections.

The following is an article written by Holt to Falmouth News, highlighting some of the work she has done over the last 4 years in the Division. The Sherwood Content Division includes Sherwood Content, Reserve, Duanvale, Kinloss, Clark’s Town and surrounding communities.

Telka Holt

From Telka Holt:

I saw an article on Facebook stating that Dunstan Harper won the Sherwood Content Division because of my non-performance .

Work in Duanvale

I am sure if you pose the question to Mr. Harper himself and ask him to identify two or three things that I have done in his community of Duanvale, he would mention the fencing at the cemetery that has started, rehabilitation of Gravel Hill Road, construction of a concrete drain at Palmer’s Crescent (that was well needed), cleaning of the fire hydrants and rehabilitation of the Mountain Hill Road through the Sugar Transformation Unit.

There is more but I am eager to mention other works that I have done in the division.


Duanvale cemetery being fenced

telka-holt-cemetery-wall-repair-project workmen at work

Other Works in Sherwood Content Division

Other works done in the division are:

  • Rehabilation of the Top Town Road in Clarks Town
  • Rehabilitation of East Street in Clark’s town (near the market)
  • Erection of base and black tanks for Campbell’s district and Red Hills district
  • Placement of light on the Cockburn Pen Road, Lake Bottom and Hyde to Lake Bottom roads
  • Started a market and transportation centre at Clarks Town
  • Erection of a round-a-bout in Lake Bottom

telka-holt-projectThere are quite a lot more, such as the Councillor’s Scholarship to the top GSAT student in the division where tuition is paid for the year among other things. I have also not mentioned my contribution to sports.

telka-holt-sportsI am not finished but I would rest here as I think there are sufficient things in only two districts that I have highlighted that you can determine if it was because of my non-performance or otherwise.

telka-holt-sports teams

The People Have Spoken

The people have made a choice and that must be respected.

I wish for Mr. Harper all the success in developing the division and hope he will not be a seat warmer.

As the first female Councillor for the Sherwood Division, I am proud of the work I have done. I hoped that citizens pay their taxes in order that we could do more.

A lot needs to be done and it takes a fighting spirit to balance development for a community and at the same time satisfy some personal needs of our people.

I have left the Council with a little bit more than I went in with….more knowledge, enhanced leadership skills and some friendships.

Thanks to all the citizens of the Sherwood Division for allowing me to represent them. Representing with responsibility. God bless!

Written by Telka Holt, Former Councillor, Sherwood Content Division.


  1. The little that you have done wasn’t enough to saved your blushes.. In between both Local Government Election you were absent from the division for over 3 years. I can recalled vividly in 2014 when they was a water crisis in Clark’s Town not one day I can recalled of your presents. While on the other hand, Mr Harper was always there for the people, throughout. He uses is personal pickup truck to t carryand ddropped water at people’s gate who were in need of drinking water. Where were you at the time Ms. Holt? The days of dirty politrics are long gone.

  2. I am not here to quarrel nor to try and defend myself on everything. Water under the bridge. Mr. Harper has a pick up and he chooses to use same. I use the resources of the government to supply the water…NWC and the Trelawny Parish Council trucks.


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