The government is slowly removing the stumbling blocks in its wage negotiations as today, the island’s public school teachers (through the JTA) accepted the government’s wage offer.

This comes exactly one week after the government made a major breakthrough when it signed an agreement with 8 of the 11 bodies represented by the Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions (JCTU).

The government still has to wrap up deals with the following: traffic controllers, doctors, nurses, the police.


From RJR News:

The Jamaica Teachers Association (JTA), which represents the vast majority of Jamaica’s public school teachers, accepted the latest wage offer from the Government on Tuesday.

The teachers, meeting at the Annual Conference of the JTA, in St. James, voted to accept the offer of four per cent in the first year and three per cent in the second year of the new two-year contract.

Sources say the vote was near two-to-one in favour of accepting the offer.

With the JTA accepting the offer, it means most of the unions under the umbrella of the Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions (JCTU) have now signed on to the deal.

Last Tuesday, the JCTU signed the deal, after a near five-year wage freeze. The Jamaica Civil Service Association, one of the largest blocks under the umbrella of the Confederation, also agreed to the offer. Last Friday, the Unions of Schools, Agriculture and Allied Workers (USAAW) accepted the offer as well.

The United Union of Jamaica, which represents postal workers, has reportedly refused to sign the agreement, however, because the Government has refused to recognise postal workers as government employees.

The Jamaica Police Federation and the Jamaica Medical Doctors Association are the other major groups which are yet to arrive at an agreement with the Government.


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