JP White Taxes Credibility
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It has been spoken about in the underground for weeks, but now it has finally hit mainstream media. The news is that Equilibrio Solutions Limited, a company owned by JP White, has longstanding tax liabilities totaling over $17 million.

This threatens the credibility of the embattled White, who is slated to contest the North Trelawny seat for the PNP in the upcoming General Elections, called for February 25, 2016. First, he has to be nominated and Nomination Day is February 9.

White is facing stiff opposition from members of his own party who are strongly opposed to his candidacy in this constituency. Now he has to overcome another hurdle.

According to the Gleaner, General Secretary Paul Burke says he is satisfied that White has settled his liability. Burke is encouraging White to make this settlement public through the media.

It is left to be seen how this will play out. A veteran member of the party told Falmouth News this morning, that it does not matter if he paid the money. According to him, White’s credibility has already been damaged. How much that sentiment will permeate the already incensed anti white movement, is left to be seen.

Tomorrow (Thursday), former Prime Minister Percival (PJ) Patterson is scheduled to meet party workers. There is rumor that White will be replaced by either Claudette Jackson-Rickards or sitting Mayor, Garth Wilkinson. The anti-White faction is hoping for a change and that Garth Wilkinson will be that change.

However, RJR news reported today that the People’s National Party (PNP) is confident that White will settle his obligation through monthly payments. This is an indication that the PNP is going ahead with White for North Trelawny.

This has further incensed White’s PNP opponents, who are shocked that the party is going ahead with his candidacy. They had already vowed to boycott the polls if White is elected as the PNP candidate for the constituency. They say this will further strengthen the hands of White’s (Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) opponent, Dennis Meadows.

The North Trelawny PNP drama gets more and more intriguing by the hour.  We will have more updates as they develop.


  1. Claudette Rickards? Ms Jackson? lol,how can people vote for PNP? with such a leader, wow. General election called before the budget is read,is that legal? This move however seems to be the first time I am prepared to say ‘me bruk,’ when the begging start. Outside looking in, it doesn’t look good for poor people if the PNP win. POOR PEOPLE LOSE BIG……….


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