Chinese Buying Up All The Real Estate in Falmouth

Starting July 30, 1854, the first chinese came to Jamaica as indentured workers.

The chinese invasion of Falmouth continues and is picking up steam. It seems all the 2-storeyed Georgina buildings in the town are being rented or bought by the people from the orient. Soon, all the properties of value will be owned by Chinese.

Supermarket Town

What are these buildings used for? Primarily supermarkets and harberdasheries. Yesterday I did a mental sweep of Falmouth and counted 13 chinese supermarkets in the town. Thirteen supermarkets in the small town of Falmouth. The only local owned supermarket is Tyrone’s Orion Supermarket. his 2 branches make it 15 supermarkets in Falmouth. I did not count the amount of haberdasheries.

I wonder at what point there will be a saturation. What point will enough be enough. What will happen when the chinese own all the real estates in the town?

Old Buildings Refurished

It is good to see the old buildings being refurbished, but I do not like the fact that our town is becoming a supermarket town. All the money is being sucked out of our country and sent to China. The chinese are infamous for not contributing to any local individuals, charity or organization.

Newest Building

The picture below is the latest supermarket to open. It opened its doors for business about a week ago. It is the old Trelawny Pharmacy building next to the Post Office on Market Street. The building was extensively refurbished.


Local businesses are struggling in this harsh economy, but the Chinese seem to be immune to economic struggles. Well, they say unity is strength and they surely unite in business. The local black man almost always enters business alone, so when the pressure starts, he is on his own. So the chinese keep striving and we keep diving 🙂 .

Next In Line

The building next to the building above has now started refurbishing. This is the old building where Lawyer Douglas had his office. This is shown below. This now also belongs to the chinese. Will this be another supermarket? If not, it should almost surely be a haberdashery. 🙁


Here is a picture of both buildings side by side:


Old Chin See Brothers Building

Just a few meters away, at the corner of Market and Duke Streets, there is the old Chin See Brothers Building. Formerly owned by Sinclairs Bargain Center (Hurry Hurry), the building has now been sold to… guess who? The chinese. It too is now being refurbished. They have totally ‘gutted out’ the interior of this building.

The columns inside were not made of concrete, but some huge slabs of wood. The wood has been removed and the interior (at least) will be totally changed. It is not clear if it will be a supermarket as well, but if it will be, it will be overkill.


Chinese Invasion Continues

The chinese continue to invade the town of Falmouth, Jamaica. With the massive development that brought the cruise ship pier into our town, you would think that the commercial real estate would be used for tourism related businesses. However, the port is such a commercial disappointment to the town of Falmouth, that businesses have shied away from chasing the tourist dollar. We are left at the mercy of the chinese who continue to bombard us with supermarkets and haberdasheries. When will it end?


  1. Time to start doing something then? We are interested to finance projects that will stimulate local economy. What is needed: True commitment, Loyalty, Honesty! A good businessplan!

  2. Well if the Chinese business owners are not contributing to any local organization or charities, perhaps its time for the town of Falmouth to take that back from the existing Chinese businesses with “special taxes” for the privileged of doing business there and to limit the types of new businesses they approve going forward.

    • That action (taxes) will have to come from the government, which is hungry for investment. They wouldn’t want to add any taxes to scare off investors. In addition, they will tell you that we are in a free market, so limiting types of businesses is left to market forces (demand and supply). In other words, we are stuck in this situation unless the people get together and boycott these businesses and support local owned ones.


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