vendors outside the St Peter's Anglican Church  in Falmouth
Bottom left – vendors outside the St Peter’s Anglican Church in Falmouth

St Peters Anglican Church Closed For Tours

Problems again for the Falmouth Craft Vendors. The historic attraction, St. Peter’s Anglican Church has been closed for the past three weeks. This, as a result of an impasse between the vendors and the church.

About St. Peter’s Anglican Church

The St. Peter’s Anglican Church (The Falmouth Parish Church Of St Peter The Apostle), founded in 1795, is the oldest church in Trelawny and one of the premier historic attractions in the town. In the relatively large, curved parking lot, craft vendors ply their wares to cruise ship visitors who come to tour the historic church.

Craft Vending Locations In Falmouth

There are 3 main areas in which craft vendors are located in Falmouth: on the Falmouth Pier property, on Seaboard Street and at the Falmouth Parish Church.

Falmouth Craft Vendors 

Craft Vendors Allegedly Threaten Church Members

According to Observer West, the church alleges that two of its members were threatened by a vendor and closed the door of the church.

Meeting Held

A meeting was called on Monday between the vendors, the church, Custos of Trelawny, Paul Muschette,, Mayor of Falmouth Garth Wilkinson and Superintendent of Police Wilford Campbell,

Recommendation from the Meeting

The conclusion was, that the vendors would be licensed and only 10 would be allowed outside the attraction.

Will It Work?

The vendors have agreed, but who will or will not be in the 10? Most have been selling there for 4 years. What if they are rotated? If they try a rotating system, the first 10 will never leave when it is time for rotation. That has been the case on the Pier.

The Falmouth Pier is the prime spot for craft vendors in Falmouth, so when it all started, the first set were to be rotated and give another set an opportunity. That never happened (as I expected), and those on the Pier were the same ones who started there 4 years ago.

Let’s hope that this licensing system will work in the best interest of all: the vendors, the church and the visitors to the facility.


  1. Good work Brian…. At least for those of us who are no longer living in Jamaica and particularly Falmouth, you keep us informed and abreast of what is happening in our little town. Keep it up


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