Brendon Rodney - Canada-720
Brendon Rodney (2nd left)

Looking at Heat 5 of the Men’s 200m, we see a qualifier named Brendon Rodney. Thanks to my brother, the track and field expert, I have found out that Brendon is the son of a Falmouthian, Basil Rodney.

Born in Falmouth, Basil (father) grew up in Martha Brae and attended old William Knibb on Market Street, Falmouth. He was also a sprinter while at Knibb. He is a member of the large Rodney family from Martha Brae and Falmouth. Locals may know his cousin Brenton Rodney, the former Village United defender, manager and coach.

Basil migrated to Canada many years ago, so many of the younger folks will not know him. However, he returns regularly, and we have met several times in the streets of Falmouth.

brendon-Rodney-200 metres men heat 5

While we cheer for our 4 athletes in the 200 metres semi-finals, give a shout also for Brendon Rodney. He is one of us.



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