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Remember Shinell Stewart? She underwent heart surgery on Thursday, and though still in intensive care, she is showing very positive signs of recovery.

From early April, the operation was fully funded by contributions from the family, churches and donations from the public; however, the family decided to wait until summer holidays for her to recuperate in time to begin 10th grade at Muschette High School in September.

Before the surgery, her mother, Claudette was down in her spirit as doctors leveled with her and told her the true state of Shinell’s condition. She is therefore very joyful that the operation is over and seems to be a success.

A few months ago, Falmouth News ran a few stories requesting assistance for Shinell Stewart’s heart surgery. The Wakefield, Trelawny teen needed surgery for heart valve dysplasia, a congenital heart defect which affects her aortic valve.

An online campaign was launched, starting with a GoFundMe account set up by her aunt. Falmouth News then tripped in, launching a Facebook campaign. Several other persons took up the mantle, starting with Patrick Beckford. The baton was then passed to Don Hall and the Baptist Church family and Friends of Trelawny Association (FOTA) came later. Several other persons made differing contributions along the way.

The family of Shinell would like to thank you all for your efforts, your contributions, your well wishes and most importantly, your prayers.

She is recuperating in the University Hospital of the West Indies, where she underwent the 7-hour surgery. Her mom is currently staying in Kingston to be close to her daughter while she recovers.

Falmouth News would like to thank all those who contributed in some shape or form to this campaign, which assisted this family in their time of need.




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