Seymour George Moncrieffe, popularly known as ‘Bonny,’ was found dead at his home on Queen Street, Falmouth this morning. He is shown in the picture below at extreme right.

Bonny is a tailor by trade, but has been plagued by alcoholism for most of his adult life. He is the brother of Bruce Moncrieffe, the taxi driver who was beheaded in early October and buried last Saturday.

Bonny was last seen alive on Monday and reports are that his body was discovered after a foul odour came from his abode. It is therefore not immediately known when he died.

Ironically, it was only last week Monday that his friend “Cootu” Bankinson also known as “Banki” (second right in picture below) was also found dead in his home. “Banki” also battled alcohol and drug problems. He has not yet been buried.


The photograph above is a classic. It was taken a few years ago on Falmouth Street. All four men are now deceased. Bankie (second right) and Bonny (extreme right) sitting side by side, passed away about a week apart. Others in the photo from left are Rosser and Valen (from Daniel Town). Valen passed away about two years ago.


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