Cutting has begun on this piece of land being captured in Wakefield, which is the property of Hampden Wharf Limited.

In what has been described as a land grab, scores of persons alleged to be from the Wakefield District have been capturing lands in the surrounding area.

The lands are located between Wakefield and Muschette High School and also in Tiltston, before reaching Logwood Valley.

The owner of the lands is Hampden Wharf Limited, and their General Manager, James Ransome went to the area, where he stated that he saw approximately 50 persons putting up spikes and borders in their attempt to claim the land.

Cars lined up as persons grab cane lands in Wakefield.

Ransome said he told them that it was private property and some understood and left. However, some refused and he was even threatened with “gunshot” as they said the land belonged to them.

Ransome has since reported the matter to the police and sent copies of a letter containing his complaint to the police, Member of Parliament, Custos and Desmond Lawrence, JP – Wakefield.

Why do these people believe the land belongs to them? One local person who does not wish to be identified, stated that it was given to them by a political representative in the area. That claim has not been verified.

You may read the full letter from Hampden Wharf Limited below:




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