nwc-water is lifeScammers come in all shapes and forms and the latest scam has the National Water Commission (NWC) very concerned. As if the severe drought affecting the island wasn’t enough, these confidence tricksters are now creating problems for the NWC by posing as NWC representatives.

Their game is to present fraudulent checques and purchase orders to unsuspecting NWC suppliers, in order to obtain goods.

The NWC is advising persons to exercise care in negotiating any cheques and purchase orders presented to them to ensure that they are legitimate before completing transactions.

Persons are also advised to ask NWC representatives to display valid company photos.

The NWC is also advising members of the public to report any suspicious approach by anyone claiming to be an NWC representative to the nearest police station, 119 or the NWC’s Security Department at 929-5430-5.

What will they think of next?


Curated from: The Star.


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