The good news for Trelawny is that murders reduced from 26 in 2016 to 21 in 2017. The 19% reduction in murders has been offset by the bad news. Major crimes in the north coast parish have seen an increase in 2017.

According to Superintendent Dwight Powell, who is in charge of Trelawny, this was primarily due to an increase in rape. In fact, the rape figure is so embarrassing, that the “Supe” withheld the figure in an interview with the Western STAR.

“Rapes were a large part of this increase, followed by shootings and break-ins. The rape figures are alarming and I would rather not release the figures,” said Powell.


Superintendent Powell has blamed Trelawny’s crime problem on migrating criminals from St. James and Hanover. He said they purchase houses in the parish which they use as bases from which go out and commit crimes.

He was likely referring to the hundreds of housing units that have been constructed in the surrounding areas of Falmouth in the past few years.

Superintendent Powell said the plan for the future was to forge a better relationship with the communities through their community policing initiatives, led by Sergeant Wayne Wallace.

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