Falmouth Crime Scene
In the background. Falmouth police investigate a robbery outside Scotiabank in 2012.

Trelawny The Second Safest Parish

Latest statistics from the Jamaica Constabulary Force Statistics and Information Management Unit shows that Trelawny is now the second safest parish in which to live.

With 8 murders to-date, Trelawny now has a 20% reduction in murders compared to the same period last year.

I had intended to herald the increased peace we have felt in Falmouth in an article. Murders are relatively rare. Burglaries and robberies, once the common topic of conversation, no longer take centre stage.

Reasons for Trelawny’s Improvement?

Police and citizens I have spoken with credit the reduction in criminal activity, with the fact that certain persons are no longer with us (killed or moved away from the parish). The police say they are very vigilant when looking out for criminals from other parishes who choose to settle in Trelawny.

Some of the old gangsters are now working or trying to find a different way of life. Old enemies who once would kill each other on sight, now call to each other on the streets. Some are now friends. 

It feels like we are going back to the good old, pre-gang days. Let’s hope the trend continues.

Safest Parish

Nationally, the safest parish for the past several years, Portland, remains in front with only 5 murders. To persons from other countries, it may seem strange that we say “only 5 murders,” but when we compare it with St. James (Trelawny’s neighbour), you will see why. St. James recorded 103 murders.

Western Jamaica Murder Statistics

In fact, in the county of Cornwall, Trelawny was only one of four parishes who registered declines.

St. James had 103. Westmoreland has become a headache for crime fighters, with an almost 100 per cent increase in murders, jumping from 22 last year to 42 up to June 30 this year. Westmoreland’s neighbour, Hanover is also beginning to surge, and moved from 19 up to 24.

National Increase In Murders

It is not surprising that the entire country has seen an increase in murder over the same period last year. The national figure moved from 494 to 581 up to June 30. This is a 17.6% overall increase.

Contributing to this increase was St Mary, moving from 13 to 15; from 17 to 21 in St Ann; also from 17 to 21 in Manchester; from 43 to 56 in Clarendon; from 64 to 68 in St Catherine North (Spanish Town); 11 to 24 in St Andrew North; 5 to 12 in St Thomas; moving from 21 to 27 in Kingston Central; and from 22 to 29 in St Andrew Central.


Reduction In Murders

It was not all bad. A few divisions had reductions in murder. Recording declines were Portland, which saw a drop from six to five and remained the parish with the lowest murder toll; St Elizabeth had three fewer than the 13 recorded at the end of June 2014; St Catherine South (Portmore) dropped from 47 to 39, Kingston West from 42 to 24; Kingston East from 19 to 13; and St Andrew South from 41 to 40.

Reasons for Increase in Murders

National Security Minister, Peter Bunting, sought to attribute a reason for the surge. “It is no co-incidence that the parishes with the most active lottery scamming are the parishes where we are getting the most murders. Anywhere you find lottery scamming, murders always follow.”

Bunting, who was speaking at the Hanover leg of the People’s National Party Face to Face meeting at the Anglican Church Hall on Watson Taylor Drive, said on a closer look at the statistics, the multimillion-dollar lottery scam has accounted for 36 per cent or more than one in three of the murders committed. (Source: Jamaica Observer)

Reduction In Murders Now Makes Trelawny The Second Safest Parish

Something needs to be done to reduce the country’s sick murder rate. Here in Trelawny, we applaud the local police and other persons who have contributed to this reduction. For this parish, it is not only a statistical representation, but the peace can be felt.


  1. Right now there is no resturant or food eating place in Falmouth that I would go to eat,because the place smell so stink,even most of the supermarket operated by those people.


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