Sitting MP Raymond Pryce – photo via Jamaica Observer.

The dirty side of politics is rearing its head in North Eastern St Elizabeth constituency. This time it is not PNP against JLP as is most common, or JLP against JLP that is also popular. It is PNP against PNP. At stake is an extremely safe PNP  seat.

Judging from voting patterns since the constituency was created in 1959, the winner of the PNP runoff is almost certain to win the General Elections and make their way into Gordon House.

The incumbent Member of Parliament Raymond Pryce is facing a stiff challenge from Evon Redman, businessman and head of Levon Electrical and Hardware Ltd. Unfortunately, supporters won’t wait until the ballot does the talking. They are using force much greater than the marking of an ‘X.’



KINGSTON, Jamaica – There is growing tension in the People’s National Party’s (PNP) St Elizabeth North Eastern constituency as supporters of embattled Member of Parliament Raymond Pryce and delegates favourite Evon Redman clash.

OBSERVER ONLINE understands that a meeting called by General Secretary Paul Burke at the party’s Old Hope Road, St Andrew, headquarters today ended unfavorably, when alleged supporters of Pryce reportedly slashed three of four tyres of a car belonging to Redman.

Redman is challenging Pryce for the constituency seat.

OBSERVER ONLINE sources said Monday night that in addition to Redman’s tyres being slashed, all four tyres of a vehicle next to Redman’s were also slashed as supporters had reportedly mistaken that car for Redman’s.

The car is said to belong to an independent auditor who visited the premises to conduct business unrelated to the PNP’s meeting.

The tyre slashing is the latest in what OBSERVER ONLINE sources say is a bitter battle for the seat in the constituency. A meeting in the constituency late Saturday also ended in an ugly manner when, again, alleged supporters of Pryce blocked the roadway leading to and from a meeting called by Redman.

Last month, Pryce accused members of the party’s hierarchy of using and disposing of younger members. His peers, however, distanced themselves from his claim, instead insisting that mentorship is what is needed.

Pryce was handed the seat in 2011 after the then embattled Kern Spencer, who was facing criminal charges, stepped down. Spencer’s successor, former Senator Basil Waite, was then removed as the candidate and replaced by Pryce. No reason was given by the party.


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