Prostitution problem in Falmouth

Development and crime seem to go hand in hand and Falmouth is no different. Real estate prices in the area are very high as the Falmouth area is sought after as both a place for business and residence. Now it seems that it is also sought after by prostitutes. Migrational prostitution is now rearing its head in the town.

On Friday night, the police scooped up 33 female sex workers who were operating close to the Falmouth Port. This was Friday night, a time in which there is no ship in port. This means that the prostitutes were catering to the local ‘market.’

Prostitution problem in Falmouth

Prostitution on Falmouth Street

A 57-year-old woman was among the bunch which included 16 females and 17 males. It is not certain whether all are sex workers or some were patrons, but it is theorised that some of the males were pimps.

The police say the females are of St Ann, Kingston and St Andrew addresses.

They were released after they were processed and warned for prosecution

The town is being invaded by these sex workers from other parishes, creating a new headache for the Falmouth police.

Neighbours Complaining

A few days ago, a Leon Jackson article in the Star highlighted the plight of an elderly resident of the area:

From the Western Star

While prostitution, the so-called world’s oldest profession, is widely seen as a source of pleasure, for 84-year-old Franklin Henry of Falmouth, Trelawny, it is causing him much distress and sleepless nights.

Prostitutes and their clients, who blend business and pleasure along Falmouth Street, also known as ‘Back Road’, have converted Henry’s yard into their ‘romping shop’. They use a secluded spot under his bedroom window as a sinful haven for their ‘moaning’ and ‘groaning.’

“They have chosen right under my window to do what they are doing,” complained Henry, who is clearly not amused by the antics of the nightly invaders. “… They behave in a most disgraceful manner … the foul language and the threats of fights. Friday to Sunday are the worst times, especially between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.”

Henry told THE WESTERN STAR that his 82-year-old wife has to wake up daily to the sight of condoms strewn all over the yard, which has been her much- cherished home since 1976.

“It is a cruel time for us,” bemoaned Henry, who is a devoted Christian and still sings on the choir at the Falmouth Anglican Church.


  1. Hope the Police along with grip of the community step up and stem this activity before it really gets out of hand. Is the punishment being dished out now enough to deter this kind of activity?

    • Not at all. They were processed, warned and sent along their way. No punishment so far except a ride to the station. I guess they will be a bit more discreet next time, so they won’t be caught. 🙂


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