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Photo via Loop Jamaica


Padmore Primary

Padmore Primary in West Rural St Andrew is making the news, as the principal has put her Toyota RAV 4 motor car up for sale. This is in order to help fund the school’s expansion. That in itself is a rare sacrifice, but but you may understand why fi you look at the history of Padmore Primary School and principal Keisha Hayles.

Quite recently, we posted a list of primary and all-age schools that will not re-open this September. Only 4 years ago, Padmore Primary was also threatened with closure. A combination of poor performance and demographic changes cut the the school’s enrolment to only 38. Literacy and numeracy among its grade-four students was 29 per cent, which was among the worst in the country.

Principal Keisha Hayles

The Principal made a difference. Through hands-on leadership, the principal rallied the resources she had at her disposal. Keisha Hayles was not afraid to fill in when needed, even cooking school lunches when necessary.

Through her leadership Padmore Primary has become a ‘hot commodity’ for parents seeking to get their kids to a quality school. In the recent GSAT examination, the scores of the 16 students from the school who sat the exam averaged in the 90’s, and all gained places in some of Jamaica’s best-known high schools. Padmore’s rating has shot to the roof! That means it will be in high demand come September.

The Principal is expecting in excess of 200 students for the school term and ideally would like to keep a cap of 25 students per class.

Because of the demand and her selfless commitment, principal Keisha Hayles has put her RAV 4 up for sale. This is highly commendable and inspiring in the ‘selfie age’ when “It’s all about me.”

How Can You Help?

You may contact the principal of Padmore Primary at 313-4539 or you may
Donate to Padmore Primary at Scotia HWT account 3024414



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