Manager of the Falmouth Cruise Ship Terminal, Mark Hylton. Photo via Jamaica Information Service (JIS)

Falmouth will once again benefit from a major upgrade and beautification project, scheduled to be completed before the end of this year, 2016. The work is confined to the ‘uptown’ area.

From The JIS

The town of Falmouth in Trelawny is to benefit from a major beautification and upgrading project to be carried out by the Port Authority of Jamaica (PAJ).

The project, for which a budget is being finalized, is intended to enhance the town’s image as a major cruise-shipping port.

Manager of the Falmouth Cruise Ship Terminal, Mark Hylton, told JIS News that the scope of works entails cleaning and beautification, social and community outreach, and the enforcement of public-order statutes.

He said the project area would include Falmouth Street, from the intersection with Seaboard Street to the Lower Parade Street, and Water Square.

“The designated areas will be cleaned, washed and the curb walls repainted. The garden in Water Square will be landscaped and plants replaced. Planters (flower containers) along Falmouth Street and Lower Harbour Lane will be repaired and the plants replaced. Additionally, missing pavers will be replaced,” Mr. Hylton outlined.

The work, he added, is expected to be completed before the end of 2016.

Mr. Hylton further advised that arrangements would be made to provide at least one hot meal per day for the approximately 30 indigent street persons located in the vicinity of the project area.

“We will be working closely with the Trelawny Parish Council and the Poor Relief Department in this regard,” he indicated.

Mr. Hylton said the PAJ was considering a proposal for the adoption and maintenance of the project area for an initial 12 months, with a review thereafter.

He highlighted concerns raised by several local stakeholders about the state of deterioration and public disorder, which they said was occurring in Falmouth and could have a potentially negative impact on the town’s tourism product.

“It is my view that the town and people of Falmouth need further assistance in creating the atmosphere and physical space to engender the interests of the guests to spend more time in the town centre, interacting with the local community and immersing in the historic charm of the destination,” he advised.

In relation to other concerns, including improper solid-waste disposal and vending and parking in non-designated areas, Mr. Hylton said “the Parish Council, again, will be depended on to enforce these guidelines with support from the local police”.


  1. Something done is better than nothing attempted. More needs to be done to educate and incentivize nationals and Falmouth residents in particular to feel some sense of ownership.

    • Yes. If they feel as if they are stakeholders, there will be more civic pride in preserving the town and keeping it clean.


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