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The Trelawny police have recovered one more illegal gun. On Friday evening the police seized a Smith & Weston firearm and six rounds of ammunition.

This was taken during a traffic stop on the Wiltshire main road, near Falmouth. A team of police officers were conducting a traffic stop operation on the Wiltshire main road between 4 pm to 7 pm when a bus was stopped and searched. The firearm was found in a bag on the bus. As expected, no one claimed ownership of the bag. No one was taken into custody.

On March 29, the Falmouth police recovered 11 guns near Scarlett Hall, which is also on the Wiltshire Main Road. The guns included a rocket launcher, an M16, an AK-47, a sniper rifle, one Intratec sub-machine, an Uzi submachine, two 9mm pistols and a .45 gun, along with two shotguns. Up to then, sixteen guns had been recovered in the parish since the start of the year.

Trelawny has the distinction of being the second safest parish, according to murder statistics up to June 30.

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