A police constable on sick leave, was today injured in a robbery attempt in Black River, St Elizabeth.

The constable, who was attached to the Kingston Central Police’s Operational Support Team, allegedly attempted to rob a businessman of a bag containing $5 million, but was foiled by a National Commercial Bank (NCB) security guard who came to the assistance of the businessman.

A huge, vociferous crowd converged on the scene, cellphones in hand, with shouts of ‘mek we see him face!’ (let us see his face!) The policeman made every attempt to cover his face.


RJR News

More details have emerged about yesterday afternoon’s foiled robbery outside National Commercial Bank in Black River St. Elizabeth.

Senior detectives assigned to the St. Elizabeth Police Division have widened their probe, as it has now been confirmed that the suspect involved in the robbery is one of their own – a police constable assigned to a Corporate Area police division.

According to official police reports, about 1:50 yesterday afternoon the constable attempted to rob a Chinese businessman of a bag containing five million dollars in cash. The businessman was about to enter the bank make a lodgement when he was pounced on by a man armed with a gun.

A security guard at the bank intervened shortly after and shot the man in the right knee. Police were quick on the scene and accosted the man who was wearing false locks.

At the time of the attempted robbery the lawman was on sick leave.

Investigators are trying to determine the origin of the two weapons seized in the aftermath of the foiled robbery. A pistol fell from the would-be robber, and during a search of his person, a revolver, believed to be a police service pistol, was found in his waist band.

According to DSP Wade, investigations are ongoing to determine if there were other accomplices, and whether the constable was linked to similar crimes.


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You can watch a video of the incident by clicking here.


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