pnp annual conference

The ruling People’s National Party (PNP), today launched their 77th annual conference through a press conference.

PNP chairman Robert Pickersgill said the second of the three-day conference will focus on election preparations and the organisational state of thePNP. In addition, he said that the work of the PNP during the 2014/2015 political year will come under scrutiny.

Several PNP high ranking PNP members have indicated a 2015 election will be called. This includes Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller (who will call the election), Michael Peart, Peter Bunting and Deputy Prime Minister, Dr Peter Phillips.

To strengthen the speculation of an election this year, Pickersgill went on to list PNP achievements. General Elections are not due until 2016 and the PNP’s Annual Conference will be held from September 18-20, 2015.


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