Michael Peart- PNP
Michael Peart – MP for South Manchester

The ruling People’s National Party (PNP), is getting ready for General Elections that they are stating and hinting will take place in 2015. This was the theme of the annual constituency conference for South Manchester on Sunday.

Speaker of the House and outgoing Member of Parliament for South Manchester, Michael Peart, said that all the signs are pointing to an election before the end of December this year.

Following him, National Security Minister, Peter Bunting said they are just waiting on the signal, so the ‘comrades’ must be ready.

That signal will come from the Prime Minister, Portia-Simpson-Miller, whose duty it is to will call the elections.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance put the icing on the cake, when he also agreed with Bunting and Peart: “I am here tonight to say also to you, that you need to get yourself ready for the sounding of the trumpet because you know not the time nor the hour.”

Falmouth News had previously predicted that an election will be held this year, most likely in the month of December.

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Posted by CVM Television on Monday, August 31, 2015



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