Bicycle, car and foot tracks all over the Uriah Rowe Park.

In our previous post, we stated that come June 26, 2015, the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) will be taking on Uriah Park as a project in their inaugural National Clean-up Day. However, we did not post any pictures to show the magnitude of the project that the police will be undertaking.

The view of the Uriah Rowe Park from the fishing village

Earlier today, I took a walk down to the Uriah Rowe Park in order to get some updated pictures to show the current state of the park.

Looking from the park toward the fishing village, tracks converge from all angles

The tracks are the result of creating easy access to the Falmouth Fishing Village that was relocated from Seaboard Street due to the needs of the Falmouth Pier.

falmouth-fishing beach
Former location of the Falmouth fishing village (before the Falmouth Pier construction)

An access was created at the side of the new fishing village next to the park, where persons could park their vehicles and cross a gutter, then walk onto the fishing beach. That is too difficult for us, so we have found the easier route and created no less than 5 tracks across the Uriah Rowe Park football field. šŸ™

The view from the broken wall to the fishing village

If there is to be any repairs to the field, the problem of access to the fishing village has to be addressed. Otherwise, the tracks will continue to be traversed and we will be back to square one.

The Labour Day project took the wall this far

The Labour Day project was to repair the wall, but lack of support meant the wall could not be completed. Some material is still there, but it requires a concerted effort to get it completed.

Partially completed park wall

In former days of glory, Studs United FC used the park as their home football ground and named it Studs Oval.

Studs Oval

The jungle look of the park is in stark contrast to the neighbouring Victoria Park.

Eastern goal post looking towards Victoria Park

Contrast with the Victoria Park, which is right next door. What does this say about our priorities? Victoria Park is a historic site, so it is part of the Historic Falmouth presentation for our visitors. Uriah Rowe Park is for the citizens, so as always, locals have to wait.

Victoria Park Band Stand

That was a pictorial tour of the Uriah Rowe Park. It is in need of lots of work. We do not know the scope of the contribution that will be made by the police on National Clean-up Day, Friday, June 26, 2015, which is this Friday. However, however little they achieve, could we as a community undertake to complete the job this time?

uriah-rowe-park-june-22-2015-7This will require significant contribution from the political leaders, as the main problem of an access road to the fishing village has to be addressed.


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