This morning while waiting for the bank to open, someone ran from the parking lot next to the bank and said: “the ship is on fire!” When we ran over, we saw the Freedom of the Seas on fire. The fire was on the uppermost deck.

The fire was blazing, but the ship was still making its backward trek into Falmouth Pier One. We could see liquid being shot towards the roof to sool it down. Many passengers were on deck and we could hear instructions being given over the PA system.

Their internal fire fighting worked and the fire was brought under control on board. by the time it docked in Falmouth, we only saw smoke, and the volume quickly reduced as the minutes passed.

We have not yet received information as to what caused the fire so we will just post what we have seen. Here are more pictures of the Freedom of the Seas fire in Falmouth harbour that took place this morning:


Fire almost extinguished


Local onlookers


Looking on from Scotiabank

freedom-of-the-seas-fire-falmouth-14 freedom-of-the-seas-fire-falmouth-13

Police on their way…


Coming into port

freedom-of-the-seas-fire-falmouth-5 freedom-of-the-seas-fire-falmouth-4

Freedom of the Seas on fire coming into Falmouth port.

freedom-of-the-seas-fire-falmouth-6 freedom-of-the-seas-fire-falmouth-7

8 Responses to “Pictures of Freedom of the Seas on Fire in Falmouth Harbour”

  1. Liz

    WSVN 7 News in Miami would love to air your pictures during our broadcasts tonight. Can we run with full on-air courtesy?

  2. Patrick

    Brian I do hope they gave you and your site the due acknowledgement.
    Great job keeping us informed with articles and pictures.

    • Brian Elliott

      I don’t know, but I am honoured that they saw it good enough for their broadcast. Fox News also contacted me, but I only saw the email last night. If it is Yah’s will, there will be more opportunities. Thanks Patrick.

  3. Racquel Brown Gaston

    Thank you Brian for allowing us abroad to feel as if we are still right there at home, strolling the streets of Falmouth, in tune with all that’s happening wirh her. You are the best!

    • Brian Elliott

      Royal Caribbean said a fire in a mechanical space on the Freedom of the Seas was extinguished by the ship’s fire-suppression system.