After heavy showers from Wednesday evening into Thursday morning, the parish of Trelawny has suffered heavy damage through the flooding of several communities.

One woman is dead allegedly from drowning in the Jackson Town area. She is an elderly woman identified so far as Tulli. Watch video and read story here.

The major communities affected are in Duncans, Rodney Bottom, Crawle/Logwood, Carey Park, Long Pond, Bottom Town (Clark’s Town), Martha Brae, Perth Town, Jackson Town, Braco and other areas.

The rains came as a result of a cold front affecting the island.

Martha Brae River overflows its banks.

The fact that it only takes a few hours of rain to create such a disaster is indeed  a cause for concern. However, the Mayor of Falmouth, Councillor Colin Gager, says much of the flooding in the parish is due to blocked drains. He said that the municipal corporation will be working with its partners to clear the drains.

Here are some photos showing damages done by the destructive floods throughout some of the affected areas.

Trelawny flooding 1

Trelawny flooding - sober robin inn
Sober Robin Inn
Trelawny flooding - long pond sugar factory
Long Pond Sugar Factory, Clark’s Town

Trelawny flooding 4

Trelawny flooding - Duncans

Trelawny flooding 6

Photos via Facebook.



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